SBIYH Worksheet 1 : What is Your Story?

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SBIYH Worksheet 1 : What is Your Story?

Success Begins In Your Head

“Your career goals are achievable when your head is in the right place.”

We believe the success you desire is achievable only when your head is in the right place. Our Success Begins in Your Head (SBIYH) Mini-Courses feature three modules designed to ensure your thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions support—rather than hinder—your achievement of the career and personal success you desire.

SBIYH Module 1 of this mini-course focuses on the extent to which your current story helps or hinders the personal and career success you desire.

This module consists of:

  • An e-learning interactive video experience which helps clarify the importance of your story and your self-talk to your ongoing success, and
  • SBIYH1 Worksheets 1 and 2 help you examine your current story and self-talk, and how you might need to update them to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and make your dreams come true.

Click the button below to open and complete the Success Begins In Your Head e-learning module 1.

Next, continue below to access and complete the two (2) corresponding worksheets associated with this mini-course.

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